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Short term trading is only for nimble traders!

…Where decisions must be made quickly and with good accuracy.
If you are a trader who uses number of indicators and oscillators, you would hardly take a trade on the right spot, and every moment that’s delayed is a risk expanded by a pip.
So, what a trader needs is a minimum number of tools that could predict the market with more accuracy!
And… Candle Patters is the only way to that!

If you could understand the PSYCHOLOGY behind every candle that’s formed, and read those signals by comparing with prior messages – well, profits will take care of itself!

What do you learn from this course?

Everything about the candles!
ü  Various candle types
ü  Trend, and candle messages
ü  Significance of Real body
ü  Shadows and pressures
ü  Points of reversal (Support & Resistance)
ü  Candles that act as a support / resistance
ü  Efficient trade & money management techniques

Further Details - "CandleTricks"

Disclaimer: "Market investments are subjected to risk. Please read the risk disclosure document before investing".

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