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Welcome to the Library of Technical Analysis

Boost your Confidence and Success using Technical Analysis in all financial markets with the help of “Candletricks trading techniques”.

This is the only place to learn Kishore proven strategies that help you pinpoint the “Low risk” Entry points, Safe & Profitable Exit points with accuracy. Our training program helps you view the market a whole lot differently than you ever did before.

A shift in Paradigm

Miles away from gambling, Market has its own behavior and emotions. Very simply, the emotions of traders are reflected in the price at any given time. If only, you could understand the nature of the price movements, and could gear up the probability slightly more on to your side, Trading would be a pleasant and profitable experience, rather than an expensive one.

Most of the traders are after many complex, quick-rewarding and expensive strategies and techniques to make money in the Market, because we do have a tendency to think of trading as some kind of a “far-fetched” experience. But conversely, Trading is simple and “Spontaneous”.

How do Traders succeed?

Ø  “Adapting” to the market condition is the one rule that every successful trader insists on.

Ø  Successful traders form effective and proven strategy/strategies and follow it with a strict discipline.

Ø  The have the ability to make logical and efficient decisions, quickly during the run-time when their trades are not going well as planned.

Ø  They review their strategy time after time, and update it as and when it’s required.

Ø  They are quite aware that “Emotion and Investment” are a bad combination.


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