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Why Technical Analysis?

Technical analysis is one of the true approach towards proffessional trading. 

While fundamental analysis revolves around analyzing companies and sectors, technical analysis is focused on painting a clear picture of trader’s emotions/expectations of the Market (Psychology).

Hence with a proper understanding of Technical analysis one could very easily pinpoint price reversal points, clear Entries, Stops and Exits, with precision which are the constituents of "PRICE ACTION TRADING" 


For the past 8 years Mr. Kishore trained his students and he has associated a set of selected students to help the people who lack the knowledge of Technical Analysis and also who are only interested for recommendations without knowledge or with knowledge, we are guiding to improve the status of current level.

Why Us?

For the past 14 years I have done extensive research in Indian share / stock, Commodity and Forex market and still continuing it endlessly and also finding newly with high probability strategies. About 11 years ago I did a Technical Analysis course and then I practiced it well. While practicing and implementing the techniques I learned, I found and understood lot of things behind Technical way of approaching "PRICE ACTION TRADING" and realized it works without lag and with clear picture and pinpoints the exact reversals before the world belive it. I realized how the psychology of traders affected the Market price, trends, even volatility. I realized, that with the right approach to Technical analysis traders can open up to endless possibilities, and can understand the subtleties of the Market more precisely.

If you are serious about learning PRICE ACTION Trading, This is the right place and I am ready to share my experiences.

Disclaimer: "Market investments are subjected to risk. Please read the risk disclosure document before investing".

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